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UPDATE 10.2.23
Our teams have been working to update the Gift & Fund Management Website, and associated forms and reports, to align with our new 4WARD system. The first phase will take place the evening of 10/2, with 2 key differences for our end users: 1) Hyperlinks to ABE from GFM reports will be disabled; and 2) The GFM menu link to ABE will no longer be available.”

ABE CRM has been “read only” since 5pm on Tuesday, September 5. Gift data in most GFM reports will reflect end of August data until 10/13, and until 11/3 for the Donor Acknowledgement Report . Since September 27th, we have been working to enter new funds into the new CRM system, 4WARD. Please continue to hold any fund change requests and submit them after October 13th.

The Fund Activity Report is now inclusive of all general ledger accounts that have activity in a chosen fund. With our new ERP system, contribution and disbursements transactional details are no longer viewable as individual line items in the cash accounts, but can now be viewed in the corresponding revenue and expense general ledger accounts.

UPDATE 08.18.23
The 4th quarter of fiscal year 2023 is now closed.

Gift entry in ABE is complete through August 2023. Note that July and August are not officially closed, as Finance continues to work through reconciliation.

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